Five 5ths of the Wizard of Oz

Friday – August 22, 2014 at 7:00pm

5 Companies! 5 Acts! One Extraordinary Night!

Put on your sparkly shoes and follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Boulder International Fringe Festival’s “Five 5ths of the Wizard of Oz: A Fringe Benefit!”, one amazing night of theatre, art and community! Continue reading →




BYOV-Bring Your Own Venue
Band of Toughs, Boulder, Colorado
Laurie Dameron, Berea, Ohio
TinHOUSE Experimental Dance Theatre, Boulder, Colorado
OperaWorks, Northridge, California

Small Venue (90 Minutes)

Bárbara Selfridge, Oakland, California, USA

Small Venue (60 Minutes)

Concrete Drops, London, Canada
Hoarded Stuff Performance, Boulder, Colorado & Gothenburg, Sweden
Mile Hi-Larity Improv and Sketch Comedy, Denver, Colorado
Core Project Chicago,  Chicago, Illinois
Donel, Brick, New Jersey
Boulder Bassoon Quartet, Boulder, Colorado

Medium Venue (90 Minutes)

Gabrielle Orcha, Boulder, Colorado
David Kleinberg, San Francisco, California
Boulder Burlesque, Boulder, Colorado
Carolann Valentino Productions, New York, New York
The Hypothetical Theatre Company and New City Stage Company, New York, NY & Philadelphia, PA
Tara Casanova, Aurora, Colorado

Medium Venue (60 Minutes)

Martin Dockery, Brooklyn, New York
Gemma Wilcox Productions, London, United Kingdom
Quake Theater, Boulder, Colorado
Aaron Jessup, San Francisco, California
Two Blocks East, Boulder, Colorado
Kathleen Denny, Oakland, California
Circus Betwixt & Between, Denver, Colorado
Orcha Dance Theatre, Boulder, Colorado
Maya Productions, Boulder, Colorado
Naked Masks, Atlanta, Georgia
Public Works Theatre Company, Lafayette, Colorado
Pack of Others, Northampton, Massachusetts
SCRIPTprov™, Denver, Colorado
Michelle Herring, Boulder, Colorado
Catherine Wright, Utica, New York

Large Venue (60 Minutes)

Kirchmann Productions, Johannesburg Gauteng, South Africa
Tim Motley, Melbourne, Australia
Tomas Waples, Boulder, Colorado
theater simple, Seattle, Washington
Peter Davison, Boulder, Colorado
Fractal Tribe, Boulder, Colorado

Congratulations to everyone! We’re looking forward to seeing you this September!


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Having arts programs like the Fringe in Boulder, not only attracts revenue for the city, but also creates vibrancy, support and education for the community. The Fringe is a place where everyone can share in stories, communicate, dance, play, sing and create the very foundation for an elevated social culture. The Fringe offers a stage for the collaboration of relief efforts, new creative ideas and sets the stage for the community to interact in all areas, including, business, education, science, environment, food, entertainment and innovation.

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