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Written by and Starring Wendy Miller
Directed by David Ortolano
Wendy Miller's new one woman show exploring the hilarious world of addiction using her own particular version of Chutzpah!
May 15 ~ 7pm
May 16 ~ 7pm
May 17 ~ 3pm
Wesley Chapel
1290 Folsom Street, Boulder
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Congratulations to our 2020 Boulder Fringe


Small Venue:

Cooper Braun-Enos (Early Bird!)

Conner Graham (Early Bird!)

Phina Pipia (Early Bird!)

Dolores Sparkles

Elizabeth Andrews

Carole Shaw

Abby Palen

Jackson Miller

Mario Moroni

Radkika Rathinasabapathy

Mel Moseley

Julia VanerVeen

Rachel Lederman

Tasha Diamant

Fadik Sevin Atasoy

Mindy Pfeffer

Jessica Hawk

Susan Kelejian

Kathy Ramirez

Michael Gunst


Large Venue:

Danylo Loutchko (Early Bird!)

David Kleinberg (Early Bird!)

Nahuel Rivero

Atlee Jensen

Scott Launier


Thank you to all who applied! If you weren't drawn in the Lottery, stay tuned! You've been added to our waitlist according to the timestamp of your application. 





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Thanks for a stellar 2019 Boulder Fringe


Thank you to all who came out to support the 15th Annual Boulder International Fringe Festival! A special thanks to all of our artists for sharing their phenomenal, creative shows with the Boulder community. 


2019 Boulder Fringe Awards 


Best Dance Performance

Unravelled - Nosilla Dance Project


Most Innovative Show

The Thousandth NightSean Yael-Cox, Intrepid Theater


Most Surprising Show

Neighborhood Watch - Lisa Pedace


Best Writing

It's My Penis & I'll Cry if I Want To- Jamie Black


Best Staging

Performing Valeska - Janet Collard & Dan Saski


Most Politically Relevant

CRAPSHOOT! Or why I voted for Trump: a love story- Todd Blakesley


Best Personal Journey

Velvet Determination- Cynthia Shaw


Best Improv ("Seat-Of-Your-Pants") Award

Late Night w/Fringe host: Ian Gibbs


Unsung Hero Award

Gary John Miller: Problem - Gary John Miller


Most Compelling Story

Freeloader in the House of Love- Evelyn Jean Pine


Best Costumes

Performing Valeska - Janet Collard & Dan Saski


Best Characters

Inbetween - Rachel Lederman


Independent Fringer Award

MINGALABA- James Sundquist


Spirit of the Fringe Award

Stories with a Twist and a PUNch- Marty Jewell


Magic Fringe Award

The Magic Show- Braden Carlisle


Most Socially & Culturally Relevant

Janice: Not your N word- Michael jones


Community Engagement Award

James Sundquist & Todd Blakesley 


Best Solo Performance

Tirimisu- Michael Burgos


Best Ensemble Performance

Nap the Play- Cloud 9 Productions


Best in Show 

Sexology: the Musical!-  Melanie Mosely


Technical Wiz Award

Karen Spies


Technical Angel Award

Dana E. Pine


"Fly-by-the-Seat-of-your-Pants" (For Technical Solutions) Award

Ursula Mains


Technical Learning Curve Award

Lou Creech 


Best New Fringe Content Award

Game the Fringe- Alana Eve Burman












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