Boulder International Fringe Festival

August 11th - 22nd


Applications are LIVE!



The first 25% are First come, First Served ~ these will automatically be accepted. After those spots are filled the applications will be entered into the LOTTERY.

DEADLINE: January 30, 2021 @ 11:59pm


Get ready for the 2021 Boulder Fringe Season, COVID, Rain or Shine the Fringe is ON!


In response to critical feedback from traveling artists and general response to the current pandemic, we are rolling out a NEW FEE structure in an effort to make parts of the festival more accessible to local and traveling artists. We are also able to offer deferred payment of production fees for a limited number of artists who wish to participate but cannot come up with the funds in advance (please contact [email protected] if you cannot manage the up-front Production/Listing fees).
Please check out the application with new fees between 9:00am MST on December 15th.

DEADLINE: January 30, 2021 @ 11:59pm





2020 Boulder Fringe Awards

Wendy Miller
Most Vulnerable and Pure-Zoom Award
Rachel Lederman
The Variety Show
Best Comedy Ensemble Award
Stories with Spirit
The Waiting Grave: Tales of Blood and Bone
Best Articulation and Storytelling Award
an alleged Theatre Company
Which Middle Name of Philip Seymour Hoffman are You?
Most Notably NOT HERE Award
Carole Shaw
Amazing Adventures of Her Majesty at 90+
Most Present from Afar Award
Michael Anthony jones
The Last Nigguh in Boulder: I am Not Your N Word
Most Culturally Relevant Award
Jessica Hawk
Consciously Creating
The Heart & Soul Award
Scott Launier Productions
How to Live with Yourself (When You Should Have Killed Your Mother)
The Baring It All Award
Brett Johnson
Brett Johnson: Poly-Theist
Best Site Specific Show Award
University of South Carolina
On the Spectrum
Most Heartfelt and Connected Award
Dolores Sparkles
The Dolores Sparkles Candid Cabaret Burlesque Spectacular
El Derecho Award: for the Most Resilience
Red Case Entertainment
Muse 90401
Best Production Values Award
Clam Chatter
Clam Chatter
Most Direct and to the Point Award
Boulder Burlesque
In/Side Show
Best Live Ensemble Performance
Connor Graham and Erin Alys
Hear We Go
Most Creative Film Adaptation of a Stage Play
Reel Kids
New Collaboration Award
Jeff & Paige
The Silly Kids Favorite Award
Melissa Schenter & Rachel Lederman
Late Night with Maude and Pippa
Maude: Herding Cats Award
Pippa: Best Snap Award
Amari Amari (TransMedia)
Good News with Amari Amari
Most Honest Performance Choice Award
Band of Toughs
Mix Tape (Vol. 2) - The Shake Your Zoom-Thing Mix
Boulder Fringe Community Award
David Ortolano
Boulder Fringe Executive Director
Melissa Schenter
Boulder Fringe Administrative Director/Artist Liason
Golden Scrapper Award
Blakely Saucier
Boulder Fringe Operations Director
Rolling with the Punches Award
Alana Eve Burman
Boulder Fringe Board President/Event Coordinator
The 3 Cheers Award
Jackson Miller
Zoom #1 Tech Manager
Youngest Tech Award
Scott Rowland
Zoom #2 Tech Manager
Best Tech Juggling Act/Innovation Award
Paul Kimbiris
Zoom #2 Tech Manager
Best Stand-in Award
Liz Kirchmeier
Zoom #3 Tech Manager
Most Willing to Jump Right In Award
Barb Segal
Zoom #4 Tech Manager
0-60 in One Day without Sleeping Award
Megan Veitz
Zoom #1 Venue Site Manager
Customer Service Award
Fiona Small
Zoom #1 Venue Site Manager
Most Sincere Award
Rebekah Freedom
Zoom #2 Venue Site Manager
Best Live Costumes Award
Ann DeSutter
Zoom #2 Venue Site Manager
Craft Services Award
Ella Ketzner
Zoom #3 Venue Site Manager
The Liver Award & Contagious Enthusiasm Award
Jon Bookout
Zoom #4 Venue Site Manager
Cheerleader and Audience Wrangler Award








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