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Artist Lineup



Thank you to all who applied to the 2019 Boulder International Fringe Festival. Below is our list of this year's lineup. Congratulations to all our artists! 



2019 Boulder International Fringe Festival ARTISTS:



Fiona Small (Boulder, CO)


Michael Burgos (Falls Church, VA)


Cynthia Shaw (New York, NY)


Evelyn Jean Pine- Invisible Salon (San Francisco, CA)


Marty Jewell- Marty the Magic Jewell (Westminster, CO)


Sean Yael-Cox- Intrepid Theatre Co. (San Diego, CA)


Jamie Black (Chicago, IL)


Lauren Sage Browning- Cloud 9 Productions (Overland Park, KS)


Peter Goldfarb- Lyric Productions (New York, NY) 


Melanie Moseley (Portland, OR)


Gary John Miller (Denver, CO)


Braden Carlisle (Boulder, CO)


Brad Lawrence (Brooklyn, NY)


Lisa Pedace (San Diego, CA)


James Sundquist (San Francisco, CA)


Todd Blakesley- Todd Blakesley Presents (San Diego, CA)


Alli Jones- Nosilla Dance Project (Boulder, CO)


Janet Collard- Janet Collard Dance Theatre (Oakland, CA)


Michael jones (Boulder, CO)


Rachel Lederman (New York, NY)









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