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COVID-19 Update (April 8, 2020):


Hello Boulder Fringe Community!


We are working to keep our audiences, artists and community updated as we learn more information about the status of the current Covid-19 crisis on the planet. The Boulder Fringe is actively monitoring restrictions to travel, shelter-in-place orders and overall preparedness, especially with regards to the Fringe Festival culture and the International community of live festivals. As we learn more official information, as changes occur to the status of our upcoming event in August 2020, we will post information here on our site and send emails to our partners and artists.


First and foremost, we hope you are all safe, healthy, happy, and doing your part to shelter-in-place during these strange, unprecedented times. We know that there are big things happening in the world, and we wanted to let you know that we appreciate you hanging in there with us while so much is in flux. 

In regards to the 2020 Boulder Fringe, at this point, we are continuing with our process as if the Festival is happening from August 12-23. We will not be altering our plans unless we find that we absolutely have to, for the health and safety of our community. We are taking it day by day as the details of the pandemic develop every moment. We will keep you updated as promptly as possible should changes arise in our current plan. 

Each year, the Boulder Fringe Festival ramps up in the late spring, we release more detailed information about the artists, ongoing events and of course, August Boulder International Fringe Festival details, shows, tickets and special events. Once we head into the ticketing and program info phase of the festival (May 15th - 31st) we will have a check-in with everyone involved about the reality of the festival moving forward. Our goal is for tickets to go on sale by June 21st.

Please rest assured that if we do find ourselves in a situation where our typical, in-person festival is not possible this August, we are developing ways to present in alternate ways, digital platforms, remote streaming, and a whole Virtual Fringe program that will keep us actively connecting artists with audiences. Please stay tuned here and on social media for upcoming VIRTUAL FRINGE events April through August.


Please hang in there with us, keep your fingers crossed and stay safe and calm. We will monitor the situation as we move toward the month of May. We hope this offers you some peace of mind as we continue forward with our typical processes of programming, scheduling and placement. 


No doubt, everyone is affected by the current news and world situation surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak. There are many hidden ways that this will have a ripple affect in the Fringe community, keeping artists from rehearsal rooms, cancelling seasons and lead up events, street promotions, press development, and other hidden costs that would normally require in-person solutions prior to the event. While we are creating strategies to flex and bend around the new world requirements, we are already seeing some loss in revenue due to current issues. We are forever grateful to our supporters that contribute the Boulder Fringe. If you are in a sustainable position financially, and any of the above moves you to donate today, this week or even in the future, the Boulder Fringe thanks you in advance for your support during these difficult times.


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David Ortolano

Executive Director

Boulder International Fringe Festival

August 12-23, 2020