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...the 2017 Boulder Fringe Lineup!


Ada Cheng
Not Quite: Asian American by Law, Asian Woman by Desire
Chicago, IL


Bossy Flyer
Long Beach, CA


Boulder Burlesque
The Pussy Grabs Back Burlesque Show
Boulder, CO


Boulder Valley Productions
For the Sake of the Dance
Boulder, CO


Bridget Foley
Principles Of Flight
Seattle, WA


Clara Elser
The Love Song of Tonya Harding
Queens, NY


David Ortolano
Burning Man Who Sold the World
Boulder, CO


Harriet Patterson
Sail On!
San Francisco, CA


Katharine Hawthorne
Between the Wish and the Thing
San Francisco, CA


Katie Woodzick
A Genderqueer Cabaret
Seattle, WA/Boulder, CO


Mandy Greenlee and Michael Kebles
The Ballad of Blade & Buttercup
Boulder, CO


Maria Grazia Affinito
Eating Pasta off the Floor
San Rafael, CA


Odds & Ends Productions
Pittsburgh, PA


Baba Yaga
Portland, OR


Stories with Spirit
Princesses After Dark
Boulder, CO


The Great Perhaps Performance Collective
The Real
Boulder, CO


The Great Perhaps Performance Collective
My Days with D
Boulder, CO


Theatre B
Our Boy
Fargo, ND


Trixie Silver Productions
Cabaret Libra: Songs of Love, Liberty, and Leisure
Denver, CO


VIVA Theatre & Maya Productions
The Riddle of Shakespeare… Shakespeare… Shakespeare…
Boulder, CO