The Hibner-Brown Awards


Presented by Michael Hibner and Fran Brown, our most dedicated and enthusiastic Fringe Fans. These awards honor shows that inspired them in categories of their choosing.


Hibner-Brown Award: Best Love Story Past: Blue Eyes Brown Eyes, "The Two-Step"


Hibner-Brown Award: Best Love Story Present & Future: JJ,  "Terms & Conditions"


Hibner-Brown Award: Best Full-Tilt Gonzo Performance: Michael Burgos, "The Eulogy"


Hibner-Brown Award: Most Elaborate Production: Band of Toughs, "Nirvamlet"


Hibner-Brown Award: Most Important Historical Message: Appalachian and Affrilachian Artists, "Where I'm From The Mountains are Red, White and Yellow.


Boulder Fringe Fest Awards


Best Of Fest Award: Blue Eyes Brown Eyes, "The Two-Step"

In-Demand Award (sold out at least one show): Blue Eyes Brown Eyes "The Two-Step"; Band of Toughs, "Nirvamlet"; Nosilla Dance Project "Chaos Theory"

Audience Choice Award: Band of Toughs, "Nirvamlet"

Best Solo Performance: Michael Burgos, "The Eulogy"

Best Ensemble Performance: InBocca Performance, "Charlie’s Girls"

Most Innovative Show: Khiri Lee, "Red Shoes"

Best Sound and Music: Sossy Mechanics, "The Perfict Family"

Best Writing: Helbent Productions, "Here Lies a Pixie Dream Girl: A Pretty True Story"

Best Staging: Nosilla Dance Project, "Chaos Theory"

Best Costumes: Anthem and Aria, "Anthem and Aria: The Psychic Soulmates"

Best Make-up: BLUE DIME, "BLUE DIME Cabaret"

Best Comedic Performance: Elaine Orion, "Delightfully Rude"

Best Dance Performance: T2 Dance Project, "Slice"

Most Politically Relevant: The Herd, "I Killed the Cow"

Most Personally Relevant: Grey Box Collective, "Fool Me Once… Fool Me Twice…"

Unsung Hero Award:  Appalachian and Affrilachian Artists, "Where I’m From the Mountains are Red, White and Yellow"

Most Subversive: China Young, "White-ish: A Memoir"

Community Engagement Award: MasterMimes, "MasterMimes: The Show"

Most Controversial: Michael Jones, "The Last Nigguh in Boulder: I Am Not Your “N” Word"

Fringe Location Award: BodyEarth Collective, "Forest Spirit Pilgrimage"

Fringe Innovative Content Award: Buck Lee Productions, "Kosmic Joke: The One About Us"

Best Onstage Engagement/Most Athletic: JJ, "Terms and Conditions"

Best Publicity Award: Moira Keefe, "Life, Death and Numbers"

Volunteer/Staff Favorite: Hurt Angry & Bitter Productions and 4th Wing Dance, "Shoebox Full of Blues"

Tip the Fringe All-Star: (generating the most tips for the Fringe) Jay and D Shaplow