Boulder International Fringe Festival

Marketing Handbook


Table of Contents
General Marketing Tips & Resources​

Guidelines for Printed Materials​

Social Media Resources​

Other Ways to Market

Media List & Online Calendar Info

Additional Marketing Resources


General Marketing Tips & Resources

While the Fringe markets the Festival as a whole, it is up to each Fringe Artist to market their own show.
Competition among the artists is a natural part of the festival. We strongly encourage you to be in Boulder
for the entire festival in order to properly market your show, network, collaborate with other artists, and
immerse yourself in the excitement of the festival.


Tips on Effective Show Descriptions


You only get 30 words in the Fringe program or 10 seconds in an elevator to get people’s attention, so
make your show description stand out. Use active verbs, vivid adjectives, and a style that matches the
style of the show. Don’t be vague. Don’t be cliche. Don’t be preachy or esoteric. Don’t describe your
show like you’re talking to your English professor; describe it like you’re talking to someone who wants
to know why your show is worth their time and money.


Examples of Good Show Descriptions
● ... promises to slap the funk right off your face, as the polyester duo – and their Swizzle-Stick
Dancers – shake their collective booty through a dazzling array of songs, dances and sketches
that will make even your pet rock break out in a sweat!
● It’s a case of he said, he said ... he said. Three friends wake up after a drunken night together
and attempt to sort out their stories and their socks.
● Compassionate conservatives stripped naked! Fundamentalism disrobed! Songs and sketches
that bare the private parts of anti-choice politicians. Guest appearances by Potty-Mouth
Chicken. (Please check your guns at the door.)
● This socio-political romp with original music follows Poona from innocent puppyhood, through
stardom as the greatest f**kdog in the game and, tragically, a has-been Tequila addict and
● Banished to the moon, a woman must fill a tank with tears to repent her sins. Is she sorry? She
rants, dances and bares all, laughing through her fall from grace.
Examples of Not-So-Good Show Descriptions
● A poignant exploration of the universal desire for beauty and truth in a world filled with human
frailty and tragedy.
● A two-person one-act written two years ago while the author was stuck in a small town in
Kansas, inspired by her experiences at summer camp while she was a child.
● Five brilliant, hilarious, must-see vignettes. Don’t miss this show!
● Comedic, satirical monologue that will make the audience realize what their meaningless life is
really about and how to be better people.
● An adaptation of a very rare publication of a story by some guy you’ve never heard of with a
post-modern twist.


Tips on Effective Show Photos

An effective show photo is incredibly important in garnering attention and interest in your show.

● Electronic images provided to us must be high-resolution (300 ppi)
● Must be in JPG, Bitmap, EPS (with preview) or TIFF format.
● The original image must be a square, 4x4 inches minimum.
● We need an image in color (for the web) and black and white (for the program). If you only have
color image, we will happily convert it to black and white for you.

● Avoid background action and shadows
● Avoid dead space between people People should never be more than about 12 inches from
each other when you’re taking the photo.
● Avoid photos that are very horizontal (several people standing in a line) or very vertical (a
full-length body shot).
● Focus on capturing only one or two highly expressive faces. (You get extra points for sharp
● If you do not send us a square image, we will be cropping your image to fit into a square shape.
Please avoid any image that is too long or too wide.


Some notes:
● The image you submit for use in the program and on the Web site may be cropped, resized
and/or optimized for use on the Web. While every effort will be made to maintain the integrity of
the photograph’s composition, changes may be necessary. Follow our suggestions above in
order to assure a happy outcome.
● You may submit an illustration instead of a photo, though this is discouraged. Keep in mind that
it is very, very, very unlikely any of the local newspapers or magazines will print your illustration
if they can pick from dozens of photos from other Fringe Artists. If you use an illustration, make
sure it looks okay in color and grayscale and that lines are distinct (high contrast).
● Fringe will accept graphics that have text in them, but the text will probably not show up in the
program or on the Web site. White text on a black background will only read as an opaque patch
of ink. Avoid putting text in your graphics at all costs because not only will it not show up but
also, from a marketing standpoint, a twelve day festival is simply not long enough for people to
recognize a special logo as your “brand.” Our Recommendation: Put your energy, time and
money into developing a good photo instead.
● When taking your publicity photo, keep in mind that it will not be large when it’s used in print or
on the Web. The program has very limited space and the average size of show photos about one
inch square. This means there is absolutely no room for detail.


Tips on Creating a Press Release

A strong and simple press release is essential to every show’s marketing campaign. The Press Release
is your key to communicating to the media about your show. You give them talking points, catch their
attention with a few exciting details, as well as providing them with all of the important, basic
information for your show.


Too often, artists neglect to send out press releases because they think theirs will just get lost in the
jumble. The truth is that the press wants to hear from each and every Fringe Artist. Last year, we heard
from several press outlets that were eager to cover a variety of Fringe Artists and were surprised at how
few press releases they received.


Click link to download the Press Release Template for Artists


Guidelines for Printed Materials

Because the Boulder Fringe is co-producing your performance, we have a few guidelines for what must be
on your promotional materials. Please read below to ensure you meet our guidelines.


Things that MUST be included:

The Fringe Logo
Download our Fringe Logo here.
○ Don’t change the colors in any way, nor the hue, nor the opacity (unless you are printing
in black and white).
○ Nothing should overlap the logo, transparently, or otherwise.

● The Fringe Website
○ When listing the Boulder Fringe URL, it should be listed as “”


Things that SHOULD be included:
● Ticket Price & Advance Ticket Sales Info
● Please include that “Advance Ticket Sales through”
● Your Performance Dates & Times
● Please proofread this carefully. Don’t miss out audience members due to a typo.
● Your Venue Name & Location
● Again, please proofread this carefully. Double and Triple check all information.
● A Promotional Image
● Ideally, you should use the same image on your promotional material that you submit to us for
the printed Fringe program. You will be more recognizable among the thousands of impressions
about hundreds of shows that people will be seeing if you are consistent in all your materials.


Things you MIGHT want to include:
● Published Playwright (if you are using another’s work the author must be cited)
● Primary artists (Producer, director, actors, musicians, etc...)
● Any Sponsors
● Website connected to yourself or your work/piece
● Reviews / Quotes
● Less is more. Attempt to entice, but don’t overdo it.


Places to have Promotional Materials Printed
Online Printers
Primo Print
Vista Print
Businesses in Boulder
My Print Experts
Center Copy
Office Depot
8 Days A Week


Once you’ve got your promo material together and are ready to put up posters, set out stacks of handbills
and promote your show to the world. For any place that you go, ask politely if you may hang a poster or
leave some handbills. Bring your own tape. Don’t be upset or rude if they say no, just move on to the next
place. And don’t try to cover up other artist’s posters. This is not a competition. It’s a celebration of the
incredible amount of talent we can put into one place. Support each other as much as possible.
Please check out this Distribution List for places in Boulder to potentially drop off materials.
Mercury’s Messengers is a service that will distribute materials for you. This is an excellent option for
non-local artists, or artists who would prefer to hire out this important task.

Mercury Messengers prefers email contact: [email protected] and also 8 1/2 x 11 size flyers. They
need the flyers at least 2 weeks prior to the festival. If you use Center Copies as your printer, they know how
to get them to Mercury's Messengers.


Social Media Resources

General Tips
● Attempt to reach newcomers by including popular and relevant hashtags in your posts
● Ask your social media audiences questions that instigate thoughtful conversation
● Make the effort to respond to all comments and questions from your followers
● Always check for typos and grammatical errors before posting
● Don’t post content you cannot confirm is accurate or that you do not have permission to post
● Vary your types of post (post about your performance, share information about another
performing arts organization, post about a relevant topic, share images and videos, etc)
● If you post only about your upcoming show, your followers WILL stop paying attention.
● Use the Boulder Fringe hashtag: #boulderfringe
● Images are very important. Check out this Social Media Images Sizes Guide for guidance.


Using Facebook


Option #1: Create a Designated Facebook Page for your Show. This is particularly useful if you are
participating in tours beyond the Boulder Fringe. This will give you and your work a home base where
you can continually promote your work by sharing photos, videos, updates, etc about your touring

Option #2: Create an Event Page for your Show. This is particularly useful if you are participating in only
the Boulder Fringe but could also be done in conjunction with a designated Facebook page. Having an
event page can encourage people to RSVP for your show as well as provide an area where you can field
questions and share photos, videos, updates etc.

General Tips for Facebook
● Use one or both of the methods consistently and link to one or both of these pages regularly
from your own profile.
● Attach images to your post- this is more likely to encourage users to engage with your post and
adds personality to your messages.
● If your budget allows for it, consider “boosting” your post to extend its reach beyond your
friends, subscribers, or event joiners. Boosting your post costs as little as $5 and can help you
advertise with a targeted audience (people who live in Boulder, people who are interested in
performance art, followers of the Boulder Fringe, etc). Read more about how to boost your post
and guidelines for boosting your post here: Boosting Your Post
● Share positive reviews (newspaper, blogs, past critics, audience reviews from the Boulder Fringe
website, etc) to demonstrate recognition and to show potential patrons why your show is worth

Using Twitter

Like Facebook, there are several options for marketing your show on Twitter.

Option #1: Create a Show Account. Like the designated Facebook page option, this would be an an
account dedicated to your show where you could provide updates, conversation starters, inspiration
related to your show, etc.

Option #2: Use Your Personal Account. If you are already an active Twitter user and have a steady
following, capitalize on this clout and use it to share and promote your show and Fringe experience.

Option #3: Create a Show Hashtag. By creating a show-specific hashtag, you can identify what it is,
ensure it’s title is familiar to potential patrons, organize your own promotions, and track who else is
talking about it. Additionally, by pairing this with official Boulder Fringe hashtag (#boulderfringe), you
can extend your message’s audience to the larger Boulder Fringe community.


General Twitter Tips

● Take advantage of Twitter Analytics to see how people are responding to the material you are
sharing about your show
● Use shortlinks to take optimize space for your content. is an excellent free
resource for this.


Boulder Fringe Social Media

Please follow the Boulder Fringe on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
Please note, the Boulder Fringe Facebook page does not allow posts from others. However, there are
several Boulder Arts Facebook groups that you can join and post in to promote your show.
Boulder Fringe Artists Facebook Group
Boulder Arts Facebook Group
Boulder International Fringe Festival Facebook Group


Other Ways to Market

Remember this is the Fringe! While it’s important to use more traditional means of marketing (printed
materials, press releases, social media posts, taking out advertisements in local publications,
newsletters, etc), get creative in what else you can do.


All-You-Can-Artist Buffet:

The Festival’s Opening Night Party (August 15, 2018) involves an All-You-Can-Artist Buffet where you
have an incredible opportunity to present a teaser of your Fringe show. This event is always very
well-attended. Sign up for this event during Artist Check-ins.


Other Ideas:
● Busk the Pearl Street Mall. This is a very high traffic area in August. (Please note amplification is
not allowed)
● Perform quick skits out in the open in front of and nearby venues, then pass out your handbill to
all that you attract.
● Create and perform Live commercials
● Talk to people (on the street, in businesses where you flyer, on public transportation)
● Cross market with other Fringe Artists
● Schmooze at Fringe Central and at Fringe events
● Carry around big signs of your show
● Reach out to organizations that would find your show relevant (Doing a show that contains
LGBTQA* content? Reach out to the local LGBTQA* organizations in Boulder)
● Get creative--you are an artist!


Media List & Online Calendars Info


Please see the below contact information for media contacts and calendars local to the Boulder Area.




Radio 1190
Campus Box 207 University of
Boulder, CO 80309
Office Phone: 303-492-5031
Fax: 303-492-1369
[email protected]


Jefferson Pilot Radio
Phone: 303-321-0950 ext. 726
Fax: 303-321-3383
[email protected]


Jack FM
1201 18th St. Suite 250
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303-296-7025


2500 Pearl St. Suite #315
Boulder, CO 80302
Office Line: 303-444-5600
Clear Channel DTC: 303-713-8000


4700 Walnut St.
Boulder, CO 80301
Toll Free:
800-737-3030 Phone:
[email protected]


619 S. College St. #4
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Phone: 970-221-5075
Fax: 970-221-5126
[email protected]


PO Box 2040
Denver, CO 80201
303-480-9272 Fax:
[email protected]


822 7th St. Suite 530
Greeley, CO 80631
Toll Free: 800-443-5862
Phone: 970-378-3579
Fax: 970-378-3580
[email protected]
[email protected]


Colorado Public Radio
Denver Metro Area: 303-871-9191
Statewide: 800-722-4449
Fax: 303-733-3319
[email protected]
[email protected]


Radio Colorado Network
614 Kimbark St.
Longmont, CO 80501
Phone: 303-776-2323
Fax: 303-776-1377




The Colorado Daily
Phone: 303-473-1111


Boulder Magazine
Phone: 303-443-0600
Fax: 303-443-6627
[email protected]
[email protected]


Colorado Hometown Weekly


CU Independent


Phone: 303-296-7744
Fax: 303-296-5416
[email protected]
submit calendar events through


Boulder Arts Resource/Dance Bridge Newsletter
Phone: 303-441-4391
Fax: 303-442-1808
[email protected]


The Daily Camera
Phone: 303-442-1202 (main)
[email protected]
Submit events through website

* Quentin is the same editor for Daily Camera, Ciolorado Daily, CU Independent and Longmont Times Call - they change their protocol every year so please check out what's current on the Daily Camera events submission site


Marquee Magazine (Music)
Phone: 303-993-4559
[email protected]
University of Colorado
[email protected]


Urban Spectrum (People of color)
2727 Welton St.
Denver, CO 80205
Phone: 303-292-6446
Fax: 303-292-6543
[email protected]


Nexus (Holistic health and spirituality)
Phone: 303-442-6662
Fax: 303-442-7596


Boulder Weekly
Phone: 303-494-5511 x 108
Fax: 303-494-2585
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


The Denver Post
Phone: 303-954-1010
[email protected]

[email protected] (Theatre Writer)

Denver Syntax (Literary/Art Magazine)
[email protected]


The Onion – A.V. Club


The Shambhala Sun (Buddhism)
[email protected]


Mountain Gazette (Mountains)


Longmont Times-Call
Phone: 303-776-2244
Fax: 303-678-8615





500 Speer Blvd.
Denver, CO 80203
Newsroom: 303-871-1499
Entertainment Reporter:
Fax: 303-698-4700


Boulder Television
2590 Walnut, Suite 2
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303-440-1000
Fax: 303-44-8337


1044 Lincoln Street
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-830-6464
[email protected]


The City of Boulder Channel 8
1000 Canyon Blvd.
Boulder, CO 80306
Phone: 303-441-4395
Fax: 303-441-3553


777 Grant St. 5th Floor
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-721-9210
Fax: 303-832-3410
[email protected]


FOX 31
100 E. Speer Blvd.
Denver,CO 80203
Phone: 303-566-7600
Fax: 303-566-7631
[email protected]


2900 Wilton St.
Denver, CO 80205
Phone: 303-296-1212 ext.
5034 Fax: 303-296-6650


123 Speer Boulevard
Denver, Colorado 80203-3417
Phone: 303-832-8477
[email protected]


1089 Bannock St.
Denver, Colorado 80204
Phone: 303-892-6666
Fax: 303-620-5600


6160 S. Wabash Way
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Phone: 303-740-2222


The Longmont Channel
457 4th Ave.
Longmont, CO 80501
Phone: 303-776-1424
Fax: 303-776-1425
[email protected]