2021 Boulder Fringe Festival | Artist Application 

In response to critical feedback from traveling artists and general response to the current pandemic, we are rolling out a NEW FEE structure in an effort to make parts of the festival more accessible to local and traveling artists. We are also able to offer deferred payment of production fees for a limited number of artists who wish to participate but cannot come up with the funds in advance (please contact [email protected] if you cannot manage the up-front Production/Listing fees. Up to 10 deferrals will be provided on a case by case basis. ALL APPLICANTS must pay a non-refundable (reduced) $25 application fee. Fees that are deferred will be collected later in the year after that artist/company has had the chance to earn their BOX OFFICE proceeds. 

Applications are LIVE!



The first 25% are First come, First Served ~ these will automatically be accepted. After those spots are filled the applications will be entered into the LOTTERY.

DEADLINE: January 30, 2021 @ 11:59pm


Applications for the 2021 Festival will be accepted December 15, 2020 - January 30, 2021. Visit our homepage to see this year's Boulder Fringe artist lineup, and we hope you'll consider applying for 2021! 




This FRINGE SEASON we are presenting work in new socially distant formats, live online, pre-recorded options, live onsite, BYOV (Bring Your Own Venue) and some very fun and unique ways to present your work. Please check out the new 2021 Application for details.





The "Early Bird Special"

The first 25% of slots in each category are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. The remaining applications will be entered into the general lottery to be drawn in February at the public Fringe Lottery Drawing. So apply early and be sure to get in on the fun!



Artist Resources

Read through our Policies and Procedures (aka our "Artist Handbook)- which you'll need to agree to when you apply. You can also visit our For Artists page to learn more about being an Artist in the festival. And, to get a preview of what the application looks like, check out this SAMPLE version of the application. (Please note, though, that only the submitted web form version of the application will be accepted.) 



Things to Remember Before Applying

  • Do your best to respond to each question as accurately as possible. If no choice is a perfect match, choose the one that seems to fit best. Required information is indicated with an asterisk (*) and the form will not be sent unless this information is complete.


  • Please only submit your application ONCE. You will get an email immediately following your submission confirming that we got your application. If you are not sure your application has been received, email us. 
  • Don't forget to pay your application fee! Your application is not considered complete until we receive payment.