2020 Boulder Fringe Festival | Policies & Procedures 


(Artist Handbook)



Dear Boulder International Fringe Festival Artist,


Whether this is your first time participating in the Boulder Fringe or you're a regular, this page is meant to help you navigate and prepare for the upcoming Festival. Since we want you to get the most out of your experience, we've tried to anticipate any and all questions you might have, and answer them as clearly as possible. This is the spot to find information regarding technical needs, fees, ticketing, and more. If, however, you can’t find the answer to your questions on this page, never hesitate to reach out to the Boulder Fringe Staff by emailing us at: [email protected]. We're happy to help!


We're looking forward to the 2020 Festival (it might even be the best Boulder Fringe yet), and are working hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly this August, and that it's a rewarding experience for both our artists and audiences. In order to make this happen, we need your help: the more informed you are on our policies, the more smoothly the festival can run for everyone! So, we'd like to thank you in advance for reading through the details. 


Thank you for participating in our 16th Annual Festival, and welcome to the Boulder community! 


Looking forward to Fringing with you,

The Boulder Fringe Staff



Table of Contents


Important Dates​
Understanding Fringe
What the Fringe Provides You
What the Fringe Expects From You
2019 Artist Forms
Technical and Performance Information​
Fees, Withdrawals, Payments & Fines​
Venue Information
Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV) Information​
Box Office Policies
Housing & Transportation
Marketing Support​
Contact Information​

Final Information & Acknowledgment of Information



Important Dates


December 15:​ Applications are live at 9am. Early bird slots will be filled.
January 30:​ Applications close. Submit your online application by 11:59pm.
February 11:​ 2020 Boulder Fringe Lottery
February 17:​ Official notification of acceptance or placement on the waitlist.

February 17: Deadline for BYOV Project and Venue Proposal
February 20:​ Deadline to pay Listing and Production Fees – You must confirm your slot in the festival by paying your quoted fees by 11:59 pm (MST)
March 1:​ Deadline to withdraw with 90% refund.

April 3: ​Deadline for Technical Questionnaire.
April 3: ​Deadline to withdraw with 50% refund (after this date, Listing & Production Fees become non-refundable.)
May 1:​ Venue/Schedule assignments announced 

May 15:​ Deadline for Billet Request Form (Housing Request).
June 1:​ Deadline for Program Info Form (includes final program photo and show description).
June 1:​ Deadline to change your Company Name and/or Show Title for free
June 1:​ Deadline for BYOV Venue Confirmation Letters.
August 9 -12:​ Technical Rehearsals.
August 11 & 12:​ Artist Check-In.
August 12:​ 6pm DEADLINE for all Artist Check-In paperwork: including Artist Payout Form and Participant Release Forms from ALL cast/crew members.
August 12:​ Opening night party featuring the ALL YOU CAN ARTIST BUFFET (sign up to promote your show!)
August 12-23:​ 14th Annual Boulder International Fringe Festival
August 23:​ Fringe Closing Night & Awards Party
September 30:​ Box Office Payout - all checks will be mailed and postmarked by this date.
September 30:​ Feedback forms due.



Understanding Fringe

The Boulder International Fringe Festival is a 12-day performance art festival. The festival’s mission is to create an open and accessible platform for artistic expression of all kinds. The festival is unjuried​ - artists are chosen through a public lottery and a few first come, first serve “early bird” slots. The festival is uncensored​ - content is entirely up to the artist, experimentation is encouraged. The festival is inclusive​ - artists from a variety of cultural perspectives, artists from underrepresented communities, and artists presenting work that is culturally specific and geographically diverse, are encouraged to apply and ticket prices are capped at $15 (100% of which goes back to the artist).


As the Fringe is part of an international community of Fringe Festivals® it is very important to understand that each festival has a unique approach based on the community where it resides. 


As a proud member of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals it is our full intent to preserve the “Fringe” ideals based on four guiding principles:

1. Participants will be selected on a non-juried basis (meaning creative works are not reviewed prior to submission and acceptance into the festival) through a first-come, first served process, a public lottery, or other method approved by the Association.

2. In order to ensure Criteria One (above), the audiences must have the option to pay a ticket price, 100% of which goes directly to the artists.

3. Fringe Festival producers have no control over the artistic content of each performance. The artistic freedom of the participants is unrestrained.

4. Festivals must provide an easily accessible opportunity for all audiences and all artists to participate in Fringe Festivals. FRINGE® and FRINGE FESTIVAL® are registered trademarks of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festival


What the Fringe Provides You

The Fringe provides each performing group the following:

● 4-6 performances in an appropriate venue based on: the venue size requested during the
application process, schedule requirements and conflicts, and technical needs. BYOV artists
provide their own venues.

● One 1-3-hour technical rehearsal in your venue the week prior to the festival so you can set up and run through your show. Tech rehearsals will be Aug 9-12, 2018. Applicants must be conflict-free during those dates to apply. No schedule accommodations are guaranteed. BYOV
artists run their own technical rehearsals.

● One Technical Manager who is capable of running lights or sound, or both, if the cue needs are not too complex. BYOV artists provide their own technical managers.

● Full professional box office/ticketing service, including advanced ticket sales and day-of ticket sales. We’ll sell tickets for BYOV Artists at our main box office and at the venue. BYOV artist’s venues must be within "reasonable" distance to our main box office. The Fringe will send a Box Office Manager and volunteer with ticket lists and show information to the PRIMARY CONTACT person at the venue 30 minutes before your show time.

● One House Manager, who oversees front of house duties for your venue. 

● Volunteer assistance (whenever possible and/or necessary).

● Listing of your company’s name, show title, description, graphic, and performance times on the Boulder Fringe Festival website where the public can browse the festival’s offerings, purchase tickets and comment on shows they’ve seen.

● Publicity/marketing for the Festival as a whole. (As the Fringe Festival is unjuried, we do not publicize or advertise individual shows over others. ALL companies will receive the same level and amount of advertisement, when applicable, through social media, the Boulder Fringe Festival website, and email newsletters during the festival. Please see our Marketing Handbook for tips on marketing your show.)

● Opportunities to exhibit/preview your work through social events held throughout the festival, like the All You Can Artist Buffet at the Opening Night party and late night talk shows through the festival.

● We encourage local media to preview and review as many shows as possible. Press requires a 6 week MINIMUM advanced notice for press releases.

● Artist Passes to see fellow performers’ shows.

● An environment that facilitates an independent creative process and the opportunity to perform for an audience that is eager and willing to support cutting-edge performances and creations.

● Most importantly, you set your ticket price between $0 and $15 and we return 100% of that ticket price to you, the performing company. Please note, in addition to the price you select, the ticketing system applies a service fee that gets passed along to the patrons.



What the Fringe Expects from You

As a performing group, you are expected to:

● Select your artistic material (theatre, improvisation, cabaret, dance, music, multimedia, etc.) and have it be no longer than 60 minutes in length​.

● Rehearse all performance material independently.

● Secure the rights for your production to take place if the performance is not an original piece.

● Submit all Fringe forms and materials (i.e. contractual, technical, promotional, financial, etc.) on time. Failure to do so will result in additional late-fee charges to the performing group.

● Take extra care when providing information, and PROOF your responses before sending. We will reproduce your data exactly​ as we receive it--we do not correct improper capitals or misspellings. We will assume that you have included such anomalies on purpose as a marketing
or artistic choice

● Make arrangements for all necessary permits or VISAS to enter and perform in the United States. The Fringe can provide only minimal information on any permits or visas that are needed. It is the performing company’s responsibility to acquire these items. Please note that we are not responsible for any issues that may arise in acquiring a visa to come here and your APPLICATION FEES WILL NOT BE REFUNDED, even if you are not able to cross the border.

● Take the schedules of all of the members of your company into consideration when applying to the festival. We will try to accommodate scheduling conflicts, but cannot guarantee that shows will not overlap. Cross casting is not advisable given the complexity of scheduling multiple events in 12 days. It is strongly recommended that you participate in only one project, as multiple showings will greatly reduce your venue and time options.

● Be responsible for all personal expenses. ​THIS INCLUDES: travel, food, lodging, additional
production costs outside of Fringe Festival fees, personal liability insurance, royalties, licensing, union fees and any other miscellaneous personal expenses.

● Be prepared to arrange for your own housing accommodations for the duration of the festival if you are a touring group. Housing (billets) arranged by the festival for touring artists is NOT guaranteed. [Please see section on Housing/Billets for more information]

● Create a PRESS RELEASE for your show. Press requires a 6 week MINIMUM advanced notice for press releases.

● Create all marketing, promotions and public relations for your particular show. Please Check out the Artists Resources: Marketing Handbook for detailed information about marketing your show.

● Please note, we DO NOT censor content of any show. However, there may be some restrictions to how your show is marketed to the public, depending on policies of a particular venue. Venue policies and/or restrictions will be noted once you are assigned a venue.



2020 Artist Forms

As a Fringe Artist, your performing group is required to fill out the following REQUIRED forms by the stated due date. If these forms are not completed on time, fees will incur.

Application ​-​ Opens at 9:00am MST on Dec 15th 2019 - final Deadline: January 30, 2020.
$45 fee for ALL applications (non-refundable)
The application form is how you enter the Fringe Festival process. All required fields must be filled out and application fee must be paid to be placed in the festival for both First-Come/First Served placement and the Lottery Draw. First come/first served: The first 25% of applications will be automatically placed as long as the application fee is paid within 24 hours via the provided PayPal link. If you are not in the first 25% then your application goes into the Lottery pool. Once selected, you will have 1 week to confirm placement by paying your PRODUCTION and LISTING FEES (See application for fee breakdown). If you do not submit payment of fees ontime your application will be removed and placed at the bottom of the waitlist.


Tech Questionnaire ​-​ Due April 3rd
$30 fee if completed after this due date
This form is where you will indicate your needs pertaining to tech and scheduling.


Program Info Form ​- ​Due June 1st
$30 fee if completed after this due date
Info from this form goes into the program as is so please read over carefully to avoid typos, etc.


Participant Release Form​ -​ Due August 12th
All members (cast & crew) of a performing group are REQUIRED to fill this form out. You will NOT be allowed to perform until these are filled out.


Artist Payout Form​ -​ Due August 12th
This is where we get the info we need to pay you.


The following forms must be completed should any CHANGES in your previously provided information occur:

Change of CONTACT Info Form
This form is required if you would like to change your CONTACT information (address, phone, etc).


Change of SHOW Info Form​ -​ Due June 15th (if needed)
No fee before June 1st. $75 fee if submitted between June 1st-June 15th. No changes after June 15th. (Some changes may be permitted after June 15th AT THE FESTIVAL'S DISCRETION. These changes will be subject to $75 change fee)
CHANGE OF SHOW INFORMATION FORM is required if you would like to change your SHOW Information (Show Name, Description, etc).


Withdrawal Form
Please see form for refund policies.
This form is required if you would like to withdraw from the 2018 Festival.


The following forms are OPTIONAL for Fringe Artists:

Billet Request Form​ - ​Due June 15th 
We will not accept any Billet Requests after July 1st.
Use this form to request housing during your stay in Boulder. HOUSING IS NOT GUARANTEED.



Technical & Performance Information

Please read the below technical information thoroughly. If after reading the below, your answers
regarding technical information are not answered, please email [email protected]


Tech Specs

● With so many shows sharing the same spaces, your tech needs must be simple, with very few
cues and/or special effects.

● Generally, our large venues are better equipped than the small venues for basic types of technical needs.

● All venues are equipped with basic lights and sound. Systems can vary greatly among venues. Be prepared to be flexible with your tech needs, as no specific capabilities are guaranteed beyond the simple functions of lights up and down and sound on and off.

● All venues are outfitted with basic lights (some are simple up/down, some have color change options, nothing too elaborate). A venue floor plan and spec sheet will be made available to you after you are assigned a venue.

● Attention Dancers: We cannot guarantee sprung wood or Marley flooring in our venues. Some venues may have flooring appropriate for certain kinds of dancing, but not necessarily for sliding and rolling, etc.

● You are responsible for ANY additional technical equipment not listed in your venue specs (e.g., projectors, microphones, strobes, fog machines, keyboards, etc.).

● Other special tech needs, including special equipment (projectors, screens, disco balls, etc.) will also be assessed on the Technical Questionnaire. Accommodations for these needs is NOT guaranteed. Artists and companies are responsible for providing any technical equipment beyond what is provided.

● Storage for props and set will NOT be provided or guaranteed at your venue so be prepared to take everything with you after each performance.

● Please note, there may be sound bleed between the different performance spaces. Please let us know on the technical questionnaire if your piece is sound sensitive. We cannot guarantee absolute silence in any venue. 


Tech Rehearsal

● Each performing group will get one 1-3-hour tech rehearsal in your venue sometime in between August 9-12, 2020. No schedule accommodations are guaranteed.

● Come to your technical rehearsal fully prepared, ready to set up for your production, run any necessary sound and lighting cues, and be prepared to do a full run through of the piece with full tech.

● Your assigned Technical Manager will be assisting with all productions taking place in your assigned venue. But, they will not typically know your show details. Please be prepared!

● It is essential that performance material is "performance-ready" by the time of your assigned technical rehearsal to allow for an easier technical process for your performers and your Technical Director. YOU MUST BRING A SCRIPT OR SHOW SCENE BREAKDOWN FOR ANY AND ALL SHOWS CONTAINING LIGHT, SOUND, MEDIA AND STAGE CUES.


General Performance Information (for Standard Venues)

● While providing your own stage manager is not required, please be aware that you are responsible for anything above and beyond what the Fringe-provided technician is capable of. You are required to have enough crew members to set and strike your show within the allotted 20-minute setup and 10-minute take-down timeframes.

● Arrive with everything needed for your show: props, sets, costumes, stage manager, ideas on lighting and sound cues, etc.

● Arrive for performances, technical rehearsals, or scheduled publicity events on time and fully prepared for the material and time requirements.

● There will be a maximum of 30 minutes between shows: 10 minutes for strike of the previous show, 20 minutes for setup of the next show.

● Doors open 5-10 minutes before a show’s start time regardless of whether or not the stage is set up as needed for the performance group.

● Late seating policies are selected by each performance group for their show after acceptance into the festival.

● After your show, strike and catch a fellow Artist’s show or hang out at Fringe Central and mingle with the other performers, artists, staff, volunteers and patrons.



Fees, Withdrawals, Payments & Fines


Basic Fees
There are three basic fees that are added together to determine your overall participation fee for the festival.


Application Processing Fee: $45.00
This fee covers administrative costs of processing applications and hosting the public lottery


Listing Fee: $200.00
This fee covers advertisement of your performance group and show in all of the applicable venues of advertisement for the festival (Fringe Website, Postcard, Schedule, Social Media) and administrative services.


Venue Production Fee: 
Small Venue: $450.00 
Large Venue: $550.00
This fee covers the cost of the venue, box office services, venue site management, one technician, volunteer coordination and basic equipment for 4-6 performances. 


BYOV Production Fee: $350.00
This fee covers the cost of box office & ticketing services and volunteer coordination, as applicable, for 4-6 performances.


Please Note: Each performance company is allotted a minimum of four and a maximum of six performances. Choosing to perform fewer than six shows does not lower your fees. You must confirm your desired number of shows in your Technical Questionnaire, due April 3. Artists will not be able to change their desired number of shows following April 3, 2020.


Withdrawals and Refunds
All withdrawals from the festival must be made in writing via our online Withdrawal Form by the company’s primary contact.
The following is a timeline to determine how much of a refund you can receive following your withdrawal:
● A notification received by March 1, 2020 will receive a 90% refund​.
● A notification received by April 3, 2020 will receive a 50% refund​.
● A notification received by April 4, 2020 or later in the season will receive a 0% refund (all fees will be forfeited)​.
Once a company withdraws, they will not be admitted back into the Festival that year. Applicants on the waitlist may withdraw at any time at no charge.


Payments may only be made via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or with a PayPal account. Payments made via PayPal are to be sent [email protected]


There are several instances when an Artist/Performing Group may be charged a fine as certain instances may impact audiences and staff negatively and we must compensate for the added time and effort to manage last minute changes or oversights on the part of the artists/companies decisions.

They are as follows:
● Shows running longer than their allotted 60 minute performance time will be cut off and charged a $100.00​ fee per occurrence. (This will be subtracted from your box office payout or you will be billed accordingly)
● Leave no trace. If the technical manager is left to clean up a messy green room, storage area or stage, the responsible company will be charged a fee of $100.00 ​per occurrence. (This will be subtracted from your box office payout or you be billed accordingly)
● At the Fringe's discretion we will also withhold your company's final box office payout and will use these funds to cover any and all expenses incurred in the disposal/storage of your set and props. Any remaining fees will then be returned only when the space has been cleared and inspected, minus any fees incurred from dealing with items left behind and clean up costs. Any outstanding fees will be billed to the Company and/or Company’s Primary Contact.


Fees pertaining to Changing Information and Late Submission of Forms
○ If your company needs to change information regarding your SHOW (Company name, show description, etc) via the Change of SHOW Information Form, there will be no fee before June 1st. There will be a $75​ fee if submitted between June 1st-June 15th. Limited changes after June 15th based on Festival's discretion.
○ There will be a $30 fee​ if you submit your Technical Questionnaire Form after the deadline of April 3, 2020
○ There will be a $30 fee​ if you submit your Program Information Form after the deadline of June 1, 2020
○ [Please see “Artist Forms” section for more details]


Fees pertaining to Cancellation of Shows
○ Canceled shows affect the box office, marketing and the other shows sharing your venue. If you must cancel a scheduled performance, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $100​ per performance cancelled.


Venue Relations
○ The Boulder Fringe is the ONLY point of contact with the venue.

○ Contacting the venue directly will result in a charged fee of $100​ to the performing company, and possible removal from the festival. Please see “Venue Information” section for more details

Venue Information
○ Our agreements with venues involved in the Fringe Festival state that no artist or performing company will contact the venues independently, and that all venue-related communications are processed through the Boulder Fringe staff. Contacting the venue directly will result in a charged fee of $100 to the performing company, and possible removal from the festival.



Bring-Your-Own-Venues (BYOVs)

All BYOVs must be within "reasonable distance" of the main box office venue. BYOV's are an opportunity for artists to participate in the festival who have unusual space or time requirements. A "resonable distance" means that audiences, volunteers and other staff can get to the venue within a 15 minutes to attend to the normal administrative functions of the festival experience. This can be flexible based on the unique circumstances of each. If you wish to provide a BYOV, contact [email protected] to discuss the details of your particular venue. FRINGE CENTRAL, box office and ticketing will be located at the Pine Street Church, 1237 Pine Street, Boulder, CO 80302 and onsite at the BYOV.


BYOV (Bring Your Own Venue) Information
If you have been selected to participate in the 2020 Festival as a BYOV, please read the below information thoroughly. If you are a standard venue artist, you do not need to read this info.


As indicated in the “Fees, Withdrawals, Payments & Fines section” your production fee is lower than any of the standard venue production fees. This is because you are responsible for securing your own venue, technician and technical equipment. Your Venue MUST be approved by the Fringe. 


Past BYOV Venues have included:
● Boulder Parks and Recreation Centers

● Boulder Open Space
● Local Theaters and other similar Downtown venues
● City of Boulder Parking Structures
● Downtown Coworking Spaces
● Art Galleries/Museums
● Retail Shops
● Rooftops
● Busses/Taxis
● Alleyways
● Restaurants/Coffee Shops


Please note that we will need to know what venue you are planning on using before we can register your company as a BYOV.


BYOV Policies
Please read the below policies carefully and thoroughly.
● ALL registered BYOV performance groups are required to submit a letter of confirmation for scheduled appearances/performances from the venue to the Boulder Fringe staff by no later than May 1st.
● INSURANCE is the responsibility of the BYOV performing group and may be required at certain venues. There are a variety of one-time events policies that can be purchased online.
● Please remember that as a Fringe artist you are producing your own show and the Fringe Festival only provides limited services, ticketing, program listing, information, etc.
● As a BYOV Company you are soliciting, coordinating and establishing legal agreements with your venue. It is your responsibility to stay within the legal limits of the venue and/or public space.
● The Fringe Festival reserves the right to remove any group that does not comply with legal regulations and policies.


BYOV Scheduling
● BYOVs are allowed up to 6 performances in their venue, without incurring extra charges and up to 8 total shows.
Specific performance dates and times are scheduled and arranged with the venue by the company/performing group, between August 12th and 23rd, 2020.
● Those dates and times are to be provided to the Fringe staff by 11:59 on June 1st, submitting the PROGRAM INFO FORM to allow proper advertising in the Fringe program, on the Fringe website, etc.
● We require that you schedule performances starting no earlier than 12noon and ending by no later than 10pm on any given day. The closing night party will begin at 6pm on August 25th, so we recommend ending shows by 6pm on August 23, 2020.
● Additional numbers of performances can be added for an addiitonal fee to the performing group.


Box Office Policies


General Information
● There is General Admission seating for all performances.
● All ticket sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges.
● Artists are welcome to sell their own merchandise at their Venue Box Office as long as this activity does not interfere with the Fringe House Manager or the functioning of the box office.
● Artists are fully responsible for the sale and monitoring of their merchandise.
● Artists are also welcome to pass out any programs or other materials at their Venue Box Office but are required to provide someone not in their performance to do so (a company stage manager, crew member, friend, etc.)


Artist Payout Information
● 100% of the Fringe show ticket price goes to the performing company or artist.
● Artists set their own ticket prices between $0 and $15 on the Program Information Form. These are based off increments established by the Fringe:
○ Free
○ $5/$3 general/students & seniors
○ $8/$6 general/students & seniors
○ $10/$8 general/students & seniors
○ $12/$10 general/students & seniors
○ $15/$13 general/students & seniors
● Please note that there will be an added ticketing fee on the ticketing site (as with any ticketing service) that will be passed on to the patron.
● We will be offering special deals and discount passes in 2020 that will be determined as the festival approaches.
● All artists are required to accept these passes to their shows and will receive the discounted value per use of that pass.
● All ticket sales will be paid out via check postmarked by September 30th.


Comp Tickets
● Since 100% of the ticket price go to the performing artist or company, complimentary tickets for their own shows will be given at the artists’ discretion. However, the names of all individuals receiving comps must be on a list at the box office 30 minutes before curtain.
● It is recommended that you use your comps early in the festival as it encourages audience to generate word-of-mouth for your later shows.
● Other Fringe Artists, Staff and Volunteers will have free passes to all performances of all shows, including yours, based on unsold seat availability (see Artist Pass policy below).
● The Festival also reserves the right to offer complimentary tickets to your show to Press, Sponsors and Donors.


Artist Passes
● Everyone on the cast & crew list in the Program Information Form will be listed on SHARED Artist Passes.
● Changes to the Artist Pass list made after June 1st will incur a $30 fee.
● Artists will not receive ANY of their group’s Artist Passes until each member of their group has filled out the Participant Release Form.
● Artist Passes are non-transferable.
● Lost Passes can be replaced for a $30 fee.
● The Artist Passes will allow all Fringe Artists to see any of the other Fringe shows for free, as long as there are unsold seats available. Proof of identity is required.
● Artists can check in and sign up for a seat 30 minutes before the show. Available seats will be given on a first-come, first-served basis one minute before curtain.
● Offering these passes is a courtesy the Fringe extends in order to encourage Fringe artists to see each other’s work and to have the fullest Fringe experience possible. This is a great perk for all of the artists in the festival. If you or a member of your group is found to be abusing the Artist
Pass privilege, your group’s passes may be revoked.



Housing & Transportation


For out of town performers, the Boulder Fringe will do our best to arrange for Billets (hosts) for you. However, this is NOT a guarantee. Very specific needs (i.e. private room, particular location, etc) may make finding a billet difficult, so it is advised to be as open to housing opportunities as possible. In order to receive a Billet Host you MUST fill out the Billet Request Form by May 15th. We will not accept any requests for billets after June 1st. Billets are given on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Our Billet Hosts often come in at the last minute, so please be patient in receiving Billet information and it is CRUCIAL that you have a backup plan in place. You can always cancel a hotel reservation but you cannot always get one last minute. August in Boulder is a popular time for tourists.


All of our venues are located in downtown Boulder and are accessible by the public bus. Boulder is a very bike-friendly city and has a non-profit bike share system and several bike stores that rent bikes.
Boulder B-Cycle
University Bicycles
For transportation to and from the airport, the SkyRide (public bus) and Super Shuttle (private shared shuttle) are two good options.



Marketing Support

Please see our Marketing Handbook for Marketing Support. The below information is all contained in this.
● General Marketing Tips & Resources
○ Tips on Effective Show Descriptions
○ Tips on Effective Show Photos
○ Tips on Creating a Press Release
● Guidelines for Printed Materials
○ Things that must be on your printed materials
○ Recommended Printers
○ Info regarding distribution
● Social Media Resources
○ General Tips
○ Using Facebook
○ Using Twitter
Other Ways to Market
● Media List & Online Calendars Info
● Additional Marketing Resources


Contact Information


The Boulder Fringe Staff is always happy to help answers any questions you have not answered in this handbook. Feel free to contact at [email protected]



Final Information


Companies accepted into the Boulder International Fringe Festival cannot sell or transfer their spot in the Festival to another artist or group. If a company sells, transfers or trades their space to another company, both companies will be removed from the Festival and all paid fees will be forfeited.
The Boulder International Fringe Festival reserves the right to cancel confirmed applications should unforeseen circumstances arise. This includes anything that would interfere with the mounting of the production or the Festival as a whole.


The Fringe Festival will accept no liability for performance cancellations as a result of natural phenomena, war, or the actions of third parties. The Festival makes no guarantee whatsoever regarding the suitability of any particular venue for performance presentation. In the event of a loss of a venue (or an unforeseen loss of Festival revenue needed to operate a venue) the Festival reserves the right to cancel the performances in that venue. In such an event, cancelled groups will be placed at the top of the waiting list or they may withdraw from the Festival and receive a full refund of their LISTING & PRODUCTION FEES.


All performing companies agree to adhere to the laws of Boulder, Colorado, the USA, and the policies, procedures and safety restrictions of the Boulder International Fringe Festival and each of its participating venues. All companies are obligated to act in the best interests of the Festival as a whole at all times. The Boulder International Fringe Festival reserves the right to cancel any or all performances of any performing company not adhering to these regulations.


Upon acceptance to the Boulder International Fringe Festival, participants are required to submit all requested materials and information in full and on time. Failure to do so may result in additional charges to the performing company or artist, or removal from the Festival. In addition, all promotional and publicity materials must include the statement “(participating company/individual’s name) in association with The Boulder International Fringe Festival® presents (Title)”. No additional producers or presenters will be permitted.


Submission of the application and subsequent payments indicate your acceptance of and agreement to all listed terms and conditions of participation with the Boulder International Fringe Festival contained herein.



Acknowledgment of Information

By accepting a spot in the 2020 Boulder International Fringe Festival, you agree to adhere to all of the above policies and procedures.