Hear We Go


Created by Erin Alys & Connor Graham


Erin Alys & Connor Graham

(Columbus, OH)



Hear We Go tells the story of a Mime and Foley Artist who find themselves in an interdimensional struggle. At first, the boundary between them is solid. One reality silent and invisible, the other tangible and cacophonous. Each is only minding their own business, but what happens when the barrier between them dissolves? They discover new capacities, unexpected powers...and unexpected perils. Can they set things right, or will chaos rule? In an increasingly connected world, each action we take has unintended consequences for our neighbors. This show forces it's characters to confront the ramifications of their actions, to collect the fractured pieces and move forward.


NOTE: 100% of the ticket sales for Hear We Go will be donated to The Okra Project.


Cast & Creators:

Erin Alys

Connor Graham

Jess Hughes

Jacob Athyal




Recorded Performance Streamed Online

30 minutes

Rated PG



When you buy a ticket to a show, you will be emailed your Zoom Link ONE HOUR before the show. Please purchase all tickets at least an hour prior to each show, so that you may recieve this link.

Show times (all in Mountain Daylight Time):

Fri August 14 4:30pm*

Sun August 16 6:30pm

Mon August 17 6:30pm

Wed August 19 8:30pm

Fri August 21 6:30pm

Sat August 22 8:30pm


*2-for-1 discount applied to Friday, Aug. 14th show!




$8 general/$6 students & seniors


For more info visit: www.connorjamesgraham.com