Venue: Pine Street Church Fellowship Hall


Brock Turner.

His father wrote a letter requesting leniency – and immediately became the symbol of “rape culture.”

What would you do if your son was accused? Who would you believe?

How would you reconcile the boy you raised with the possibility of his brutality? Are you to blame?

Every week another celebrity, another athlete, another news story of sexual assault. Terrible headlines, no conclusion. Time passes and stories fade. Is there a lack of justice or no need for justice?

How do we raise boys to be better men?

Carrie and David Wintersteen have always been interested in thought-provoking stories. In 2003, they co-founded Theatre B, a professional theatre on the plains invigorating civic conversation through intimate and transformative stories. Wintersteens commissioned OUR BOY to explore a social issue that disturbs them deeply as parents, in a format that excites them as empty-nester artists – the Fringe circuit.


Written by Rob Urbinati

Cast: Carrie Wintersteen and David Wintersteen