Venue: The Sanctuary - Pine Street Church


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Charlie’s Girls is a partially scripted and partially devised production about the summer of 1969 and the events that happened which brought an end to the legendary “Summer of Love.” This piece will examine, through movement, text, and historical support the stories of the women who lived with and loved Charles Manson. Our attempt is to not only form some understanding of their motivation behind the Tate and LaBianca murders, but to examine the terrifying control held over them by Manson, both mentally and physically.

While Charlie Manson himself remains an object of fascination, even more so are the men and women over whom he had such a strong hold. Through their eyes, we intend to examine what happened that summer but also in years leading up to the murders.

Charlie said, “These were your children and you threw them out.” This show gives those children a voice, perhaps showing us what can happen when we ‘throw away’ the forgotten, hated, and weak parts of our society. Or even ourselves.


Written by Caroline Stine

Stage Manager: Rachael Hawkins

Director: Caroline Stine

Squeaky Fromme: Mia Vera Susan

Atkins: Brandi Botkin

Patricia Krenwinkle: Mandie Reiber

Leslie VanHouten: Grace Wesson

Linda Kasabian: Jacqueline Daaleman

Linda Deustch: Holly Angel

Virginia Graham: Mandy Miller




2-for-1 Tickets:

Thursday, August 16th

Friday, August 17th


Write a Review for This Show!

Read What Others are Saying About This Show!