Written by Wendy Miller

Directed by David Ortolano

Special Thank you to 

Amy Feinberg for acting coaching.


Wendy Miller Productions

(Boulder, CO)




Fake is a one-woman show, a humorous and deeply moving story of a woman who has felt lost and alone her entire life using food and men to fill the empty spaces. She’s desperately lonely yet uncertain as to whether she wants to have actual relationships. She’s an addict seeking answers through 12 step programs and therapies but doesn't quite follow their rules. In fact, she makes up her own “fake” rules to get by . She thinks she is above the law, that the rules don’t apply to her. She fights her family, her Jewish identity, men, more men, police officers, and (heavy breathing), herself. She sets out on a journey of realization in front of a live audience and it rattles her to the core. In the process of acquiring the most coveted resource on the planet, attention, she journeys far and wide, tied up in circumstances beyond her control, faking it until she’s making it, until she ends up in a knot, bound by…a show.



Cast & Creators:

Wendy Miller






Performed on Zoom

60 minutes

Rated R

Warnings: Adult Language, TRIGGER WARNINGS: Strong Content, Sexual Violence, Offensive Content, Challenging Material



When you buy a ticket to a show, you will be emailed your Zoom Link ONE HOUR before the show. Please purchase all tickets at least an hour prior to each show, so that you may recieve this link.


Show times (all in Mountain Daylight Time):

Thu August 13 9:00pm*

Sat August 15 7:00pm*

Mon August 17 7:00pm

Wed August 19 9:00pm

Fri August 21 7:00pm

Sun August 23 4:00pm



*2-for-1 discount applied to Thursday, Aug. 13th & Saturday, Aug. 15th shows!



$15 general/$13 students & seniors