Venue: Kelly's Barn (BYOV)


A dance that asks you to imagine the future. Experience a unique blend of movement, storytelling, live music, and audience participation. See dancing influenced by an eclectic mix of movement styles ranging from ballet and modern dance, Buster Keaton’s classic physical comedy, to hip hop. We hope you’ll connect and feel wonder inside of this immersive performance journey, and rediscover childlike imagination.

The show runs 60 minutes without intermission and features performances by Elizabeth Chitty (Boulder), John Chandler Hawthorne (Philadelphia), and Katharine Hawthorne (San Francisco).



Created by Katharine Hawthorne

Cast: Elizabeth Chitty, John Chandler Hawthorne, Katharine Hawthorne


Theater, Dance, Music, Immersive site specific


*The show is suitable for all ages, including the young and young at heart. Kids will enjoy exploring the installation and eating fortune cookies. There is the opportunity to move with the performers, so there is no need for the antsy to try to sit still and contain themselves.