2017 Fringe Festival Passes


Frequent Fringer 5-Punch Passe for $50 ($10/ticket)

Good for 5 tickets to any Fringe shows, August 17 - 26! Use them all for yourself, or share your "punches" with others.

Does not include ANY special events.



Fringe All-Pass for $190

Get access to as many Fringe shows as you want! This pass is good for one person, and can be used for certain special events, including the All You Can Artist Buffet & Encore Performances. Does not include other special shows or events.




These passes can be purchased online or in person at Fringe Central (Trident Booksellers & Cafe), and must be picked up at Fringe Central (Trident). Simply take your passes to shows and use them as tickets. Based on availability. There is always a one time $6 fee associated with purchasing passes. This fee helps offset the cost of ticketing processing fees, since 100% of the ticketing revenue goes to artists. The fee does save you compared to purchased single tickets, which have a higher fee per ticket. A great value!