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Boulder Fringe presents

BIG TIME Daily Late Night with Kelsie Huff and Special Fringe Guests

Every evening when Fringe performances end, the night comes alive at BIG TIME Daily!  It’s the place where Fringe audience members, artists and crew can come together to kick back with a cold beverage and enjoy this informal variety show of performances and interviews with our very own Fringe performers.  Hosted by Fringe veteran and boisterous loud-mouth, Kelsie Huff, BIG TIME Daily is not only riddled with comedy, live music and unpredictable Fringe antics, it is the perfect opportunity to sample the festival’s offerings with live performances by different Fringe artists every night, as well as exclusive, behind the scenes interviews.  So come on down and enjoy a cherished Fringe tradition!

BIG TIME Daily Schedule:

Thursday, Aug 16th - Fringe Survival Guide

Bring a water bottle and a compass tonight, baby. And some clean underwears. We’re going to talk about how to make it through the whole Fringe without wiping out.
Wanna win stuff?
On a piece of paper, define “survival.” Bring your answer to BIG TIME Daily tonight. Best definition wins a prize!

Friday, Aug 17th - Virgin Sacrifice

Bring a Fringe virgin and win a prize! Sure, it’s a bit mercenary, but you’re a sucker for a prize (and we’ll even give your virgin a chance to win a Fringe pass for two)! 
Offer them up!
Bring us your young, fresh, untainted, unFRINGED minds so we can have our way with them! Make it a night we’ll ALL remember!

Saturday, Aug 18th - Speed Fringing

It’s time for America’s favorite pastime: Speed Fringing! That’s right, take a number, sit down with a total stranger and get to know the artists! Way better than speed dating because you (probably) aren’t at much risk of waking up with these jokers. Fill out the provided form so we can match you up appropriately.
Wanna Speed Fringe? Pick up a Speed Fringe form from the back of a 2012 Fringe Printed Program Guide and bring it to BIG TIME Daily tonight.

Sunday, Aug 19th - Secret Talent Show

We’re looking for secret talents! Are you well-known as a comedian? Show off your yodeling skills. Famous for doing serious drama? Show us how well you can tie cherries into knots with your tongue. Singer by trade? Wow us with your ability to paint like Picasso, blindfolded.
Wanna show off?
Bring a hidden talent, ready to share! Prizes will be issued!

Monday, Aug 20th - Get Up, Stand Up (Stand Up Open-Mic)

Everybody’s a comedian! Seriously. Tonight is your night to prove to everyone that you SHOULD quit your day-job! Most hilarious, crowd-pleasing 2-minutes of stand-up wins a prize!
Will hilarity ensue?
Make us laugh, win a prize. Maybe.

Tuesday, Aug 21st - Fake Mustache Olympics

Tonight, folks, we’re having a mustache contest at BIG TIME Daily. But not just any mustache contest — because what kind of Fringe event would have a regular old, dowdy, traditional, mustache contest? — no, this is a fake mustache contest. Sport your best fake whiskers for a chance to win a prize.
Stache Up!
Sport your finest FAKE Fu Manchu or Handlebar and you could walk away with something to twitch your whiskers at!

Wednesday, Aug 22nd - Spoof Night

They say mockery is the greatest form of flattery. Or something like that. Come watch Fringe artists and fans spoof other Fringe shows. (lovingly, of course!) Let Kelsie know ahead of time if you want to do a spoof.
Spoof Time!
Parody an artist’s show in an endearing, playful way and, really, we all win. But, ok, we’ll probably give away a prize, too.

Thursday, Aug 23rd - When I Was 15…

Dear God, it’s me, Mar… oh jeez, did I really put that in my journal? Kids say the darndest things! If you’re not embarrassed of the thoughts that you put to paper when you were younger, then you probably haven’t re-read them in a while! Dig up your old teenage journals and read us an excerpt of your most hilariously embarrassing angst-ridden teenage moments.
My Life is a Pit of Darkness.
Crack open your journal and bring us the best you’ve got!

Friday, Aug 24th - The Natives are Restless

All this art-enjoying is making us hungry! Give your taste-buds a treat with this food-themed BIG TIME. We’ll be talking (and possibly eating) food all night!
Hunger Pang!
On a piece of paper, draw your favorite food.

Saturday, Aug 25th - Staff Appreciation

Know where you’d be without your techs, your volunteers, your Fringe staffers and organizers? Yes, you’d be outside in the dark, wondering what it all means. Come on down tonight with hand-written love letters to the people making this whole deal happen and we’ll put them in a little cardboard mailbox like it’s Valentine’s Day in the fourth grade.
Love the Fringe!
Bring valentines for your favorite Fringe staffers.

Adult Language

60 min.


Aug 16-25, Nightly. Doors at 10:00 PM

Folsom Street Coffee House