2019 Boulder Fringe Festival | SPECIAL EVENTS


We're glad you're excited for the 2019 Boulder Fringe! Check back here in June to peruse our list of 2019 Boulder Fringe Festival Special Events.



(Below is our list of events from the 2018 Boulder Fringe.)



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FRINGE OPENING NIGHT PARTY Wednesday, August 15 at 7pm, Fringe Central, $5 (at the door, cash/check only)
The All-You-Can-Artist Buffet will kick off the festival with one minute show teasers and artist interviews.



LATE NIGHT WITH FRINGE August 16-19 & 23-26 at 10:30pm, Fringe Central, FREE
Featuring Denver’s favorite Comedic Host, Roger Haak & special guest hosts, each night will feature a new celebrity Fringe
artist, theme nights, live music, DJ sets, and rowdy entertainment.



FRINGE HAPPY HOUR Friday, August 17 at 5pm, Shine Potion Bar and Restaurant
Organic farm to table food, fancy potions, a full bar and dinner menu, and a special Fringe Cocktail.



FRINGEABILITIES Saturday, August 18 at 3pm, Fringe Central, $10 (general) /$5 (student/senior) BUY TICKETS
Performances by Imagine’s CORE Innovations – Art and Performance Programs for adults and children with exceptional
abilities and unique talents. Formerly entitled “disabilities,” the Fringe is working with local communities and organizations
to re-define this group. 



THE ART OF SELF-PRODUCING Sunday, August 19 from 2-5pm, Fringe Central, FREE
Workshop on Creating a Fringe Show, Independent Producing and Touring – hosted by Fringe Director, David Ortolano, with special guest-artists from the North American Fringe Tour circuit.



SO YOU’RE A POET Monday, August 20 at 9pm, Wesley Chapel, FREE
Poetry on the Fringe –– Tom Peters and the Beat Bookshop with special guests - featuring poets, friends and country-folk
presenting their literary musings.



TALKIN BOUT MY GENERATION? Tuesday, August 21 at 4pm, Trident Booksellers & Cafe, FREE
A panel on Intergenerational Performance and Art – “A millennial, a gen-X’er, a gen-Y and a Senior walk into a bar…
The millennial says…” – co-presented by the Society for Creative Aging and the Boulder Fringe Festival.



BOULDER BUBBLE COMEDY (BBC) Tuesday, August 21 at 7pm, Trident, $12 BUY TICKETS (also available at the door)
HEY, What’s so funny? –- Local comedy favorites! An evening of pure joy and laughter- and maybe even jokes about Boulder!


MIDFRINGE NIGHTS DREAM Wednesday, August 22 at 5pm, $10 (at the door, cash/check prefered)
Fringe Mixer and Gala party. Enjoy refreshments, food from the grill and entertainment while
gathering with Fringe artists, volunteers and staff. Sponsored by Hazel’s Beverage World.



FLATIRONS FOOD FILM FESTIVAL ON THE FRINGE Friday, August 17 at 4pm & Saturday, August 25 at 7:30pm, Fringe Central (Fellowship Hall), $12 (general) /$10 (student/senior) BUY TICKETS (also available at the door)
“A Summer in Colorado” series of short food films by The Perennial Plate and “America: You are My Sunshine,” a short film in The Perennial Plate’s upcoming “Immigrant Family Dinner” series. 



HAPPY BIKE HOUR Thursday, August 23 at 4pm, Sanitas Brewing Company
Grab a bike and make your way down one of Boulder’s plethora of bike paths, ending at Sanitas Brewing Company for local brews and tacos with the Fringy crew! Free first BEER for cyclists on the fringe! Must show your BIKE, talk about its special features and drop a plug for the Fringe show you just watched!



THE COMMUNITY FRINGE Friday, August 24 at 3pm, Fringe Central, FREE
New Works and New Genres – A Happy-hour style discussion on new genres, new identities, sexual identity politics, and an
eye toward new emerging work that does not fit into any pre-determined category. Come and join us for a lively discussion
on what makes art, “fringe.”



BAO BAO Festival - Guest Artist Saturday, August 25 at 2pm & 7:30pm, Dairy Arts Center, $5-20
An integration of Traditional African Dance with Hip Hop, Afro-Cuban, Samba and Breakdance. Visit thedairy.org for tickets
and baoboafoundation.org for information.



SUPER FRINGE CLOSING NIGHT PARTY Sunday, August 26 at 7pm, Fringe Central, FREE
A celebration featuring live music, special awards for Fringe artists, and a fun filled evening of dancing and getting down
with DJ Michael Jones and other zany music stylings. A great way to finish off the festival with the whole FRAMILY!